Welcome to Rosehill Mouldings - The UK leader in recycled rubber products.

Rosehill Mouldings has over 30 years experience in manufacturing products from recycled rubber tyres. We utilise the increasing volume of waste tyres to make environmentally friendly products suitable for a range of applications including sound insulation, flooring and balcony tiles, equestrian tiles, play mats, ballistic tiles, industrial applications, rail crossing panels and traffic calming products.

In addition to our experience in moulding products using recycled rubber from tyres, we are always seeking new materials and challenges from companies and organisations who wish to turn their waste back into a useable product. The methods we use to mould re-cycled waste enable us to process many materials into new products by bonding them using binders and adhesives in our high pressure heated presses.

We are always looking for new ways to utilise our innovative know-how and equipment to work with you in providing products to your design. We are always ready to discuss the development of new products, or tailor existing products to your specification. If you have a project that might require our assistance, click here.

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