About Us

Recycling the past for a better future - new opportunities for old products

Based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, Rosehill Mouldings has a range of press sizes and capacities that allow us make many different standard and bespoke products. All our products can be either black or coloured and can include a “speckled” effect. To expand the possibilities we also offer products based on synthetic rubber that offers a wider range of colours and specialist applications.

We are one of only a few companies in Europe that have the capability and know-how to re-mould waste materials to create bespoke products with a wide range of applications. Our process reduces waste and landfill and makes high quality products from an environmentally unfriendly source.

Rosehill and the Environment

Rosehill’s recycled products are made from raw materials reclaimed from truck and car tyres. As the number of worn out tyres increases so does the impact on the environment. Rosehill utilises these to manufacture products which help to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the impact of tyres on the environment.

In order to make use of the growing mountain of unwanted tyres and other rubber waste generated each year we are always looking for new uses that can utilise our knowledge and equipment. We are always ready to discuss new applications and will be happy to work with you to develop new products. 

About Us