Putting your used tyres back on the road

Rosehill Mouldings has introduced a range of products aimed at utilising waste tyres in the transportation sector so returning your old tyres to the road.

Rosehill have introduced a unique range of speed cushions which consists of a one or two piece design that can be fitted in a short space of time reducing road closures. The cushions are bolted to the road surface. The one piece speed cushion can be fitted and driven over in less than an hour and no excavation is required. Click here.

New products in the range

Rosehill have recently announced new additions to their transport products range, including a range of pedestrian refuges and traffic islands. Click here.

Rosehill and the environment

We are dedicated to finding new products that will help to recycle the increasing number of used tyres. Our Highways and speed calming products are returning used tyres to the road and helping to find more environmentally friendly solutions to traffic calming and road safety products.