Wheelchair Access Ramps

Where thresholds on internal/external doors create access difficulties, our range of portable wheelchair access ramps are the simple solution.

Manufactured from solid 100% recycled rubber, the Rosehill wheelchair access ramps enable anyone using a wheelchair, to negotiate a threshold or any similar obstacle of up to 40mm in height. Three different widths are available in the range, 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm. Different sizes can be used in conjunction with one another to span any entrance width.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the solid rubber ramps will flex slightly on uneven surfaces andĀ give excellent grip even in rainy weather. Soft with no sharp edges, they are safe to use in schools and care home environments; they are also ideal for easy access into shops, restaurants and offices.

The 250mm access ramp is very portable and a set of them can very easily be deployed as a temporary or semi-permanent solution.

Product Specifications

The Rosehill wheelchair access ramp is available with VAT relief. Before purchasing, please download and return your completed VAT exemption form - click here for the form.